Citizenship & Naturalization

Applying for naturalization in United States is often the ultimate goal of many foreign nationals who reside here. There are numerous advantages available for naturalized citizens such as: protection from removal proceedings; citizenship for their children; freedom to travel for extended periods of time; ability to vote; work for the federal government; run for office and so much more! Las Vegas Immigration Attorney Alikhan will evaluate whether you meet eligibility requirements for naturalization through an assessment of your immigration history. The recognition and analysis of a myriad of potential issues involving continuous residence; tax debt; child support; and criminal history by Attorney Alikhan has assisted individuals in avoiding denials of naturalization applications. Ultimately, the law office's clients are prepared and confident for their Naturalization Interview(s) with United States Department of Homeland Security.

To determine eligibility, Las Vegas Immigration Attorney Alikhan will analyze your specific case to determine whether you meet the requirements for naturalization as noted below:

1) Be at least 18 years of age at the time you file the application;

2) Have been a lawful permanent resident for the past three or five years (depending on which naturalization category you are applying under);

3) Have continuous residence and physical presence in the United States;

4) Be able to read, write, and speak basic English;

5) Demonstrate good moral character;

6) Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of U.S. history and government;

7) Demonstrate a loyalty to the principles of the U.S. Constitution; and

8) Be willing to take the Oath of Allegiance.

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